Lancaster Home Builders Association

Founded in 1963, we are a private not for profit organisation for professional trades and construction professionals who are looking for a place to network, stay up to date on current industry guidelines and regulations, and to assist with any concerns or ideas our members may have within the construction industry. We have a wide variety of members from all trades including electricians, plumbers, gas fitters, carpenters, painters, hvac specialists, brick layers, roofers, house exterior design specialists, landscapers and many many more.

Being part of an organisation like our provides the support and assistance that can sometimes be hard to find working in the construction industry, especially when you work for yourself. Our goal is to provide that help and guidance when you need it and to keep you in the loop on everything you should know.

We are an independent organization and try to operate fairly and in good faith with both tradespeople and construction companies. We always follow the best constructions practices set out by the government and do the right thing by the public and our members.

We have regular events and try to maintain active social media as well to ensure that we can create a sense of community and trust with our members.

house painter
House Painter

Interested in learning a bit more about us, have some questions, or any thoughts? Feel free to contact us on our contact page.