About Us

Lancaster Home Builders Association are a non to for profit, independent organization based in Lancaster, whose primary purpose is to be a source of information, support and networking for construction industry workers, licensed tradespeople, sub-contractors and managers.

Residential Electrician

Some benefits to joining us.
– Great credibility, you’ll be part of a respected organisation which makes it easier for new customers to trust you.
– Possibility of more work, we’ll add your details to our site where new customers might find them and call you.
– Networking, come to our events and you’ll get to meet some great poeple in the industry.
– Information and insights, youll be kept up to date on whats happening in the construction industry and home building space.
– Group discounts, as a group we have a lot of buying power and we’re often able to organise group discounts for various products and services.

If you’re interested in joining or have some questions, reach out to us today.